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Jiangsu Shengyou Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a long-term R&D and production manufacturer of outdoor lighting fixtures, located in Jiangsu Province. Our company always adheres to the principle of taking technology as the guide and striving for survival through quality and service, providing society with technological and energy-saving lighting products and services.

The company's main products include more than 500 varieties, including single arm lamps, double arm lamps, solar street lamps, high-power LED lamps, high pole lamps, landscape lamps, courtyard lamps, traffic signal lamps, wind solar complementary street lamps, solar power generation systems, solar inverters, and other solar energy series, floodlight series, buried lamp series, building lighting and green light source solar lamp series.

The company has complete equipment and advanced production technology. It has 1200t full-automatic CNC hydraulic 16m one-step forming Press brake, full-automatic CNC parallel welding machine, two full-automatic plastic spraying lines, automatic submerged arc welding machine and key equipment related to lamp production. The company has strong technical strength and strong design and technical personnel with strong lamp development and research capabilities. The application of CAD design and 3D production is in a leading position in the domestic industry. The equipment configuration is complete, the production process is advanced, the testing equipment is complete, and the after-sales service is perfect. It is a large-scale outdoor lamp production enterprise.

The company is willing to sincerely cooperate with professional road light production enterprises both domestically and internationally, to bring glory and glory to the outdoor road lighting industry in China, and to make our due contribution to the beautification of urban and rural areas! Sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit and cooperate!

Case show

Case show

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  • Smart traffic safety facility

  • 5G smart street light case

  • Cultural custom lighting case

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