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Good news! High tech Zone One Project Wins Provincial Key R&D Award

time:2023-07-07   hit:1137

Recently, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology announced the 2020 Provincial Key R&D Plan (Industry Outlook and Key Core Technologies) project. The High tech Zone Science and Technology Talent Bureau recommended and applied for the "Research and Development of Key Technologies for High Performance Third Generation Semiconductor SiC Supercapacitors for Wide Temperature and Stable Service" project, which was successfully approved and announced through expert review, director's office vote, and other approval procedures.

The undertaking unit of this project is Jiangsu Shangjin Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., which attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation. It has established scientific research cooperation with University of Jinan, Wuhan University of Technology, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, Southwest Jiaotong University and other well-known universities, established a doctoral workstation of enterprise technology center, targeted at high-end products such as smart cities, smart street lights, smart transportation, and established a new strategic layout. At present, the company has obtained 2 independent intellectual property inventions, 14 utility model patents, 9 appearance design patents, 2 copyrights, and a national high-tech enterprise. It has been rated as an AAA enterprise that respects contracts and keeps promises. In 2017, it was awarded the provincial-level billion yuan project construction award. The efforts made over the past few years have laid a solid foundation for the company's innovative development.

This is the first time that the high-tech zone has made a significant breakthrough in the provincial key research and development plan (industrial foresight and key core technology) project approval. This year, in the application work for science and technology plan projects at all levels of the province and city, the Science and Technology Talent Bureau of the High tech Zone has increased the organization, application, and publicity efforts for various types of science and technology projects. On the basis of comprehensively mastering the application guidelines, doing a good job in project collection and reserve work, and combining with key industrial fields, a batch of high-quality science and technology projects with high technological content and good market prospects have been planned and arranged early for project application work. In the application process, the Science and Technology Talent Bureau invites experts from the municipal business management department to hold a project briefing, effectively improving the quality and success rate of project application. In addition, the Science and Technology Talent Bureau provides policy consultation and guidance services for enterprises, coordinates relevant departments to solve difficulties and problems encountered in the application process, and enables enterprises to fully understand the support priorities and directions of science and technology funds at all levels, avoiding blindness in the application process.

In the coming days, the Science and Technology Talent Bureau of the High tech Zone will continue to encourage enterprises to innovate and develop, promote the introduction of high-level and excellent talents, enhance the innovation ability of key industries, and lay a solid foundation for various levels and types of science and technology talents to apply for work. (Chen Yuxin)

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