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Academician workstations become the "new engine" for economic development in high-tech zones

time:2023-07-07   hit:1137

On the morning of November 17, Jiangsu Shangjin Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. signed an academician workstation agreement with Yang Weiyou, a foreign academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Engineering and the director of the Materials Research Institute of Ningbo University of Technology, and the two sides reached an intention of cooperation in product development, talent training and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. At this point, three academician workstations have been built in the high-tech zone. Modern enterprises cannot do without technological support, and technological innovation cannot do without talent leadership. In recent years, the Party Working Committee and Management Committee of the High tech Zone have attached great importance to the construction of academician workstations. Previously, two academician workstations including Zhe Junhao and Bao Zhenmin have been built in the High tech Zone. At present, the multifunctional shared pole smart street light system jointly developed by Academician Junhao Workstation and Chengxu Company achieves precise control through a unified intelligent management cloud platform, significantly reducing energy consumption and saving public resources, meeting the development needs of smart cities; Academician Bao Zhenmin's workstation has made breakthroughs in many technical problems such as genome selection, new germplasm cultivation, and large-scale propagation of improved varieties of Macrobrachium rosenbergii.

It is understood that the academician workstation, as an important platform for high-level talent introduction and innovation teams to serve economic development, is an important carrier for gathering innovative elements and improving the independent innovation ability of enterprises. Jiangsu Shangjin Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., as a young high-tech enterprise, will collaborate with Academician Yang Weiyou's team to provide scientific research support and talent cultivation in the fields of semiconductor materials, quantum dot preparation, and LED smart lighting, leading the development direction in various fields, and solving technical problems encountered in the production process. The cooperation with the academician team marks a new breakthrough in promoting industry university research cooperation and introducing high-level talents in the high-tech zone. This will provide more intellectual support for the high-tech zone, further promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in universities (institutes), assist in the construction of science and technology in the high-tech zone, and promote the high-quality development of the high-tech zone. Chen Shoujun


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